Sell Flower or Products

We’re always looking to partner with farms and brands to distribute and place your product in dispensaries across Oklahoma. 

Heres how it works...

For Farmers:

Flower Sales:

Bring us your flower in tested lots of up to 10 pounds. 

Name your price per pound. 

Our team will go to work to process and distribute your flower to our growing network of dispensaries. (See our flower processing video)

Private Label & Co-Branding:

With our in-house processing, packaging, and labeling capabilities, we can help transform your flower or trim into useable products to help maximize your harvest.

Click here to talk with one of our product specialist today!

For Brands:

Use the power of our network and in-house team of designers and marketing specialists.

When you partner with us for distribution, our team will instantly go to work for you with photos, website promotions, patient reviews, email marketing campaigns and more. 

All distribution partnerships include a free Somalia version check from our regulatory team to ensure all products are OMMA compliant.