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Looking for lab results for OK Purple FECO?

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Want to know more about how to use FECO?

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How to Enhance ANYTHING...
Easy enough, literally apply a small amount to a large amount of FECO on any food item or infuse it into any traditional recipe.

Here's how to "dose"...

Most of our oils have an extremely high potency of THC. It is important to start low and go slow. New patients report effects with just the size of a grain of rice. If you have a high tolerance to THC you may need a larger serving.

How many MG of THC does it typically take for you to feel an effect or relief?

Take whatever number you answered to the question above and divide that by the amount of THC one (1) gram of FECO. This is how many "doses" you will have per gram of FECO.

Here's a chart we provide for beginners: